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As I move about this plane of awareness, I live my purpose and exist with the dna of both the Purepecha (a mystical warrior tribe of indigenous peoples from Cheran and Patzcuaro) and the Huichol tribes of turtle island (or what is now referred to as the Americas). The Huichol or Wixaritari are Indigenous first peoples of this sacred land of turtle island and are still living their shamanism in the Sierra-Madre Occidental range. I am a multidimensional being, and a spirit-activator. I work heavily with unblocking detrimental energy. I live and breathe for this extremely important purpose. I have committed my life to it and my gifts are here to serve you, the collective.


With drum-medicine journeys, shamanic modalities, extra sensory gifts, channeling, and specialized training and certification like *The Completion Process (A trauma integration technique developed by spiritual catalyst and extra sensory teacher Teal Swan) and *Medical Mediumship ( A medical medium is an alternative medicine practitioner whom uses intuitive abilities to find the cause of a physical or emotional condition. Other terms for such a person include medical clairvoyant, medical psychic or intuitive counselor) trained under Aura Reader, Clear Channel, Cherokee descendant and initiated Shaman, Pamela Aaralyn. Pamela Aaralyn as well facilitated my personal *Shamanic initiation.


If you are desiring to change stagnant energy, integrate blockages of being, evolving, and awakening a self to sponsor your manifestations of life with the energy of love, all while truly alchemizing the energy that fear created deep within you, then perhaps it is time to travel within and reprogram what no longer serves you. I guide and facilitate this most important work daily. I am an extremely loving and present guide into the shadows. With the purpose of going through them, alchemizing them, and integrating you into your highest version of self possible. I look forward to traveling with you to the core of what you truly are, challenging your programmed belief systems of detriment and transmuting them to beneficial ones, so that you may love your life, love yourself, and live your purpose sponsored by love. An existence available to us all.


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