Jillian Andrulli is an intuitive, empath, healer and creative soul.
Her specialty is helping her clients to integrate more of what they are desiring in life and to rid those things which no longer serve them. Jillian's approach intertwines mind, body,  and soul with an eclectic approach to self-care.   Helping those she serves to integrate the physical, spiritual and emotional body.  Jillian delivers messages from her client's highest selves, guides, guardians, angels, and passed on loved ones to help empower those she serves.
Jillian is also the founder of The Creatives Collective, an online hub for creatives, Intuitives, healers and empaths.  She is also a business owner and loves bringing sparkles to people's lives through her jewelry.

Class offerings at the 2018 Camp Love Retreat:

 1) Ignite the Flame Within:

Connecting with Dragon Consciousness and the Seraphim Angels 

(Fire Ceremony)

    2) Chakra Cleansing and Connecting with Crystal Consciousness

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