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Pamela Aaralyn has been seeing auras, visions, spiritual beings and energy patterns since age five when she was visited by angels. At that time her world was full of colors, shapes and beings that no one else could see. Through these colors and energy patterns, she learned the correlations and connections to a person’s personality and their emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well being.

After angelic visitations, she was able to channel ascended beings, the higher self of living people as well as angels and spirit guides.

In a session with Pamela, she will be reading the energetic colors and patterns that you are living with and through, your mental, emotional and physical patterns and tendencies, and your soul’s course and purpose as revealed by your Higher Self.

Pamela also receives specific messages from the higher dimensional beings associating with you, that is your spirit guides and angels.

The total information revealed to you is comprehensive, specific and detailed, and is in direct correlation to your daily life and tendencies right now. This highly detailed “inside” information assists you and her in creating together a soul essence channeling session that is both uniquely transformative and practical for you.


Class offerings at the 2018 Camp Love Retreat:

1) Judgment Detox

2) The Grace That I AM

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