Some people take the road that is straight and narrow.  Some, the road less traveled.  And others say "forget the road, I'm blazing my own trails and I'm dancing to the beat of my own album while I do it." 


Introducing Penny Love. 

After years of being a single mom to her wonderful children David, Summer and Robert, Penny met and fell in love with her twin flame, Mike.  Through this union (which also added Mike's son Carson), their son Taylor was born.  Their blended family felt complete, and the years rolled on...

In 2006, Penny and Mike lost Taylor in a car accident .  They both fell into many years of a dark night...but it was the death of her son that was the catalyst for Penny's transformation. 


After attending a seminar by Teal Swan in 2014 and learning of The Completion Process, both she and Mike realized that their son was still, and would always, be with them.  This realization gave Penny the strength to blaze a powerful new trail. 


She earned her credentials as a facilitator in The Completion Process, and opened Soul Mama's Crystals, Rocks & Whatnots beside their home in Lewiston, Utah, where she began offering soul healing sessions and magnificent crystals.  This beautiful space vibrates bright and healing light right to your soul the minute you step onto the property.   It is a safe space, where people can gather to connect and receive the purest hugs from Penny herself.  Penny is devoted to helping raise the vibration of the planet., even if it's one person at a time.


It was from her deep desire to heal that Penny used those platforms to connect with members of her soul family- to heal and to be healed....and that is how Camp Love was born in 2017.  Teachers and volunteers gathered at Camp Love and hosted people from around the world to heal their Inner Child.  Last year, many friendships were created, many tears were shed, many wounds were healed, many cherished memories were made..  Here's to much more of it all...


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