My vision for Camp Love came from being at different workshops- a bunch of us would rent a house together and there would be sound healings and energy work and people would bring their crystals and cards and it would just be magical.  I never went to camp as a kid, so this was my idea of camp. I wanted adults to come and feel like children, to be able to play like children and embrace the joy of life versus the everyday stresses of life.  So, to come to camp, sleep over, talk about our deepest dreams, help and lift each other up....learn as much as we possibly can in this weekend, to make lifelong connections with people and family that you've never met before, but you feel like you've known them lifetimes...that is my vision.  That is what I've created.  That is what happened in 2017, and I believe we're going to go deeper in 2018.

- Penny Wick, creator

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